How to survive Thanksgiving with family

Kevinesha Glenn, Reporter

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Thanksgiving is traditionally an occasion full of family. It is a time where everyone cooks and comes together to celebrate being thankful for one another and the things around them.

However, a large gathering of extended family has the possibility of leading to unwelcome situations.

Sophomore Darreus Guitroz said, “I think spending Thanksgiving with your family is really important.” He continued, “[but] I leave the celebration when I’m tired and have had enough of family time for the day.”

Junior Zarionne Goins said, “It’s okay, but not as great as everyone makes it.”

During the celebration, distant relatives often invade space with personal questions about school, relationships and more. Some students offered tips on how to survive Thanksgiving with all the possible curveballs.

Senior Zachary Morrison said, “When I’m around my annoying cousin I always ask them to go do something for me and then I disappear somewhere they can’t find me.”

Sophomore Darreus Guitroz offered a similar approach. “If one of my family members annoys me, I just simply walk away or find a way to avoid them all day.”

Questions can be answered with short generic replies to quell inquisitive relatives.

However, family members aren’t the only things some try to avoid. Sometimes the food is also on the list of things to hide from.

If some of the items on your plate end up tasting different from your expectations, Guitroz suggested covering your plate with a napkin, folding the plate and taking it to the nearest trash can.

Morrison said, “If I don’t like the food and people are around me, I pretend to eat it and pick with it until it’s clear for me to throw it away.”

Once the food is out of the way, some try to plan their exits from the Thanksgiving celebration, often with a to-go plate in hand, while others preferred not to eat Thanksgiving leftovers.

Sophomore Desmonica Wilson said she waits until everyone has overstayed their welcome and then leaves to go spend time with her boyfriend.

However, Morrison said he prefers to stay put. “I never try to leave the event because I like spending quality time with my family.”

While family may not be perfect, students acknowledged that they are necessary and worth visiting. As students well know, the length of the visit always varies.

But, says Morrison, “Spending Thanksgiving with family is the sole purpose of the holidays. Without family, it wouldn’t be necessary.”


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How to survive Thanksgiving with family