Restaurant bans young children from the dining room

Ariell Reed, Reporter

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A furious debate sparked on social media after a North Carolina restaurant banned children under the age of five. Caruso’s Fine Dining, an Italian restaurant that describes itself on its website as traditional, classy and intimate,” created the ban after deciding that young children “disturb the ambiance,” according to a reporting by nola.com.

Dr. Yvette Green, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator of UNO’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism department, discussed the topic in her strategy class. “There are a lot of dynamics in restaurants going on at once, there’s hot food and heavy plates,” said Green. Restaurants must decide on their target audience and build their business around it.

“I don’t think there’s a trend about restaurants banning kids, but individual restaurants make individual decisions for the guests they cater to,” Green said. “There’s approximately 1 million restaurants in the world, and the mass majority are family-friendly and welcome those other kids.”

She explained there are two sides of the situation. “If the restaurant doesn’t have high chairs or a kid’s menu, it isn’t conducive to kids,” Green said. “It’s catering to those that are looking for a quiet atmosphere. In contrast, there are restaurants that are high energy, casual and family friendly.”

In the end, customers are in control of deciding which atmosphere they want to enter.


Chelsea Mims, a mother of two, agrees with the ban. “I’m all for it because children in restaurants [are often there] crying and making noises,” she said, admitting that she shies away from bringing her one-year-old to restaurants, as she isn’t as manageable as her five-year-old.  “Sometimes they make too much noise and crawl under tables,” Mims said.

The biology major believes that kids under 10 years old shouldn’t be allowed at certain restaurants. She prefers to have an adult-friendly place to enjoy friends or a significant other.

“You don’t want to be enjoying your time and it’s interrupted by kids screaming,” she said.

However, not everyone agrees. Student Minahil Khan said she would not patronize an establishment that bans kids. She’s appalled that restaurants have adopted such controversial policies.

“I feel like even though they’re kids they should still be allowed to go there,” Khan said. “They’re also humans. Why would someone ban them? You can’t just leave your kids behind, especially when families go out for dinner.”

She assumed that some owners are no longer open to having kids in their restaurants “because they make a lot of noise and break stuff.”

“I just think kids should be allowed,” Khan said. “The sales will increase, and what parent would want to go alone?”

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Restaurant bans young children from the dining room