Friendship horoscopes: Find your kind

Sofia Gilmore-Montero, News Editor

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We all have that one friend…  See what kind of friends you have!


The Part-Timer

-Only around when it suits their mood or benefits them

-Not in it to win it, just not to be bored

-Kind of your friend, but kind of not

-Doesn’t have too much loyalty

The Food Critic

-You feel like they only hang out over a meal or coffee

-Their Instagram feed is just pictures of food or selfies with food

-Has “an aesthetic”


The Buzz

-You’ve got a friend in this person

-You might play jokes on each other and pick on them,

but when push comes to shove, they’ll come flying to save the day

-Enough said


The Mom

-Pulls you off the street so you don’t get run over

-Will get up to get your correct food order for you because you won’t

-Genuinely cares about you, but is still annoying

-Will buy you useful gifts


The Frenemy

-You are rivals,  but you love each other for real

-You call each other profanities as you compliment each other

-You rant about them all the time, but when someone else does, you get pissed off


The Busy Bee

-Has no time

-Really actually misses you

-Not good at staying in touch, but thinks of you constantly

-Will send you a succulent via mail because they can’t make it for your birthday dinner


The Clown

-Much like the Mom, this person just wants everyone to be OK

-Loves to make people laugh

-Is okay with posting pictures with filters that aren’t the most flattering if they are funny-looking


The Sport

-Is totally down go work out with you whenever

-50 percent are health freaks

-The other 50 percent eat whatever they want because they can get away with it

-Loves to wear yoga pants and sports bras just in case they want to randomly hit the gym


The Nut

-Just flipping crazy

-Unpredictable but a great person

-The friend you would definitely want to take to a boring event

-The unpredictable friend


The Go Getter

-Has a plan for the apocalypse

-Knows how to make a tourniquet or stitch and would

-Always ready for anything

-Would survive The Hunger Games


-You don’t know why you’re friends with this person

-They don’t respect you and don’t ever want to talk about anything important

-They don’t ever check on how you’re doing

-Maybe you shouldn’t be friends with this person

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Friendship horoscopes: Find your kind