Privateer Plunge Favorites and “Hate-Its”

Sofia Gilmore-Montero, News Editor

Another season of Privateer Plunge has come and gone, and the results are in—students loved some events, hated others, and then there were those events that seemingly fell off the map.

Geared toward freshmen and transfer students, but available to all students, Privateer Plunge started in 2011 and offers six weeks of events designed to introduce students to campus life.

“Privateer Plunge is truly a campus-wide effort with positive results— it won the NODA Innovative Program Award in 2014,” said LeeAnne Sipe, Director of the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, in an emailed interview.

While the program is popular, some people have a hard time getting to events that interested them. As Driftwood reported on Sept. 20, many events were rescheduled or apparently cancelled without giving notification.

“I know some folks were frustrated with cancelled events, but when working with dozens of student organizations and departments planning events, change is bound to happen,” Sipe said.

Sipe said that students can check the website and app for information that is more up-to-date than the paper guide. “We worked diligently to update the app as we were notified about events to keep that [information] accurate. … The timing and coordination of Privateer Plunge is based in retention and engagement research.”

In the Sept. 20 article, students expressed their frustration about the cancelled events. This fact may be of some consolation to students who have the disappointment of not finding their desired event: “If an organization cancels two or more events without notifying us, they aren’t able to participate in Privateer Plunge for the following year,” Sipe said.


According to Sipe’s records, the events most attended this year were the following:

Common Read – 515

New Student Convocation – 318

Welcome Back Luau – 264

Can You Walk on Water? – 178

Chemicarnival – 162

Refresh Yourself – 128

Movie at the Amp “Mean Girls” – 111


While these events are the most attended, the Driftwood sent out writing interns to determine which events were were people’s favorites, attending multiple different Privateer Plunge events and surveying 43 students of different classifications and majors.

In the first pie chart of the top favorites, “2% none” means 2% of the students interviewed had no favorite events.  

In the second pie chart, “10% none” means 10% of the students interviewed could not think of a second favorite event.  “14% n/a” represents the 14% of students who could not come up with a second favorite, due to liking all of the Plunge events equally (after their favorite).  “14% other” means that 14% of students had a second favorite, but could not think of the name.  

In the third pie chart, the least favorites are shown. “19% n/a” represents the 19% of students interviewed who could not think of their least favorite when asked.  “2% all” means that 2% of students did not like any of the events, and therefore all of them were their least favorite.  “28% none” represents the 28% of the students had no least favorite because they enjoyed all events.  “5% other” means that 5% of students interviewed have a least favorite event but could not think of the name.