Ryan Marrero captures moments and hearts

Anjanae Crump, Editor-in-Chief

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A junior film arts major, Ryan Marrero uses the skills he learns in class to help further his pursuits as a photographer. He began taking his hobby seriously in 2014 and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Marrero shared his journey with Driftwood.

AC: Anjanae Crump, Driftwood editor-in-chief

RM: Ryan Marrero, photographer


AC: What does photography mean to you?

RM: Photography is simply my favorite hobby. I love taking good photographs. I also feel that it is one of the things I am best at.


AC: What are the main subjects you capture and why?

RM: I mainly capture people in the moment. I love candid photography, but my photography is not limited to just people.


AC: Do you have any professional inspirations or other muses?

RM: Gordon Parks would be a professional inspiration of mine. I first learned of him in a fine arts course at UNO. Being an iconic filmmaker, civil rights photographer and writer, Gordon Parks has accomplished many of the things I dream to do as a young black male.


AC: What is it about movies that makes you want to be a filmmaker?

RM: I just like entertainment. I enjoy capturing a moment and with film and videos; it’s something that can be watched repeatedly. People love watching movies and documentaries.

AC: How would you describe the feeling you get after a successful shoot when you’re reviewing the images?

RM: It gives me a really good feeling because I can feel myself progressing. It makes me just want to show the world some of my art. Also, making my clients happy is a really good feeling.


AC: What kind of feedback do you get from the people you photograph?

RM: They love it. My clients are always pleased with my work and professionalism. People always refer people to me, and vice versa, which makes me realize that they do appreciate my work.


AC: Do you plan to pursue a professional career in photography?

RM: I do. I really want to become a photographer for a major sports organization. I want to capture the amazing moments that happen in sports. I would love for thousands and thousands of people to see my great photos; however, I aspire to become a movie director and filmmaker. One of my goals has always been to produce my own movies.


AC: Are there any hurdles you face regarding your photography?

RM: A hurdle I would say I face is doubting myself, which you should never do. I remind myself that with God, all things are possible. There are no limits to what I can do. I try to work on myself by thinking more creatively and thinking deeper with my ideas. I sometimes get frustrated with the pace that I’m moving at, but I remind myself to be patient, stay focused, and use my time wisely.


AC: How can students find your work and/or contact you?

RM: vsco.co/ryanmarrero1 is my photography blog. Follow me on Instagram: @REM2SS


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Ryan Marrero captures moments and hearts