A checkers player in a game of chess

Christopher Walker, Contributor

  For us liberals who have gotten somewhat used to the day-to-day lunacy of president Donald Trump, this past week reminded us why we were genuinely scared for our country after election night.

  We saw his immature stream-of-consciousness rants on Twitter, and thought it was very likely he would continue this practice into the White House; clearly not acceptable behavior for the leader of the free world.

  He proved us right when the left’s worst fears were justified this past week when he took to Twitter to voice his disapproval of North Korea’s recent missile tests near Japan.

  Most of the worst parts of Trump’s presidency thus far have had their fair share of supporters, no matter how dumb and misguided the attempts were and his supporters were willing to defend his actions to the bitter end.

  His supporters defended the Muslim ban, even with all the data pointing to those countries’ immigrants being virtually no threat.

  His supporters were fine with the implementation of a transgender ban in the military, even when the reasons for its implementation were clearly blatant lies.

  And his supporters were fine with America backing out of the climate accord, even when doing so would hurt our country economically and our place as a leader on the world stage.

  All of these were short-sighted and idiotic policies at best, malevolent policies at worst.

Even the deplorables who defended these actions, however, are having a hard time justifying the president’s twitter tirade against North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un.

  Trump has done what he does best, and given their leader a childish nickname to taunt him with, “rocketman,” simultaneously tainting a perfectly fine Elton John song and making fun of North Korea’s recent nuclear tests.

  North Korea has certainly crossed a line recently with these tests, but there are right ways to go about punishing a country for these actions. Taunting another world leader on a public platform usually reserved for memes is certainly not the right way.

  For anyone to think Twitter taunting is an acceptable way to deal with conflict is immature and juvenile, and the fact the president of the United States thinks this is appropriate is absolutely jaw-dropping.

  In the past, a president needed to be a somewhat calm, level-headed leader always thinking multiple steps ahead of America’s allies and enemies.

  North Korea is most likely not going to bomb us; they would be completely destroyed. However, the fact remains our sitting president thinks taunting and making fun of another country is acceptable.

  The rest of the world is playing a chess game, an endlessly complex series of interconnected moves played out in real-time. We need a leader who not only sees these moves, but anticipates the ones ahead which have not yet unfolded.

  Donald Trump is a checkers player in a chess game, completely lost and unaware of the complexities taking place.