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Lingofy plugin for Google Chrome a free and competitive alternative to official AP Style Lingofy app

Lenny Williams, Contributor

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While setting up a new Windows 10 based desktop PC, installing MS Office and Google Chrome, then personalizing them, I realized how many of my journalist friends and classmates still may not know about the Grammarly plug-in for MS Office and most popular browsers

  While Grammarly mainly follows MLA rules, the AP Style plug-in, Lingofy, is only available for free as a plug-in for Chrome.
  A year ago, in fall 2016, while finishing up my associate degree at Delgado Community College (DCC), I had scheduled English Comp 102 — Argumentative Writing and Writing for the Media I — a precursor course before actually starting to write for The Dolphin Newspaper. My journalism professor and my English professor both thought it was a bad idea to take those two classes at the same time because the English class was based on MLA-style writing and the Journalism class was based on AP-style writing, which regularly conflicted with each other.
  As a starving student, I looked for free MS Office and browser plug-in solutions that would help me overcome these conflicts. I found Grammarly, which worked with both MS Office and most browsers. Grammarly is much better than the typical word and spell-check features of MS Office or even the spellchecker in Chrome as it worked instantly while writing to flag words and offer suggested changes when online and connected to the Grammarly servers.

  While looking for an AP Style plug-in, I found that the AP sold a product for $70 but that was a lot of Ramen noodles and PBJ’s for this starving student, and I had already purchased the AP Stylebook, so I opted to keep searching. (can be found at
  After graduating in television & video productions, I continued my education at DCC, taking more communication and writing courses, especially the journalism class that would have me writing for The Delgado Dolphin Newspaper. While rechecking for free AP Style plug-ins for Word and Chrome, lo and behold, I found that the AP had hired a Norwegian developer and now has a free plug-in for Chrome only (as of my research during January 2017).
  Unfortunately, Lingofy does not work with Google Docs, but you can write your article in Word, then copy/paste to a website (I use my own WordPress site for draft and publishing, but even Facebook would work) and then run the Lingofy plug-in to find the AP style corrections and suggestions.

  While Lingofy does not explicitly say they are still in Beta mode (testing mode), I found a few glitches so I still double-check and re-proofread everything after running Grammarly and Lingofy before finalizing my writing pieces.
  The new (used) computer is now set up, and I wrote this article on it. Grammarly found seven corrections, then Lingofy found 10 more AP Style corrections.

  The Lingofy plugin can be found at and Grammarly can be found at

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Lingofy plugin for Google Chrome a free and competitive alternative to official AP Style Lingofy app