The liberal media needs to ease up on Trump (for selfish reasons)

Christopher Walker, Contributer

Let’s play a hypothetical parenting game.

You’re a middle-aged parent with a teenage daughter you love deeply, but unfortunately your once-sweet-and-kind daughter is in her angst-ridden rebellious phase.

One day, she brings home her new boyfriend who rides a motorbike and has a reputation around the town as a bad boy who says whatever is on his mind. He says he doesn’t take shit from anyone.

If you want your daughter to stop seeing this boy, what is one of the worst possible things you can say to her?

If you answered some form of “you are forbidden to see that boy, he’s no good for you,” then congratulations, because you might make a good parent!

The entire reason she is dating this boy is to piss her parents off, and continuing to criticize him only makes her dig in stronger to the conviction that he’s just misunderstood.

Now apply this scenario to a national political scale, and it’s the current climate we are in. “Flyover” America is the rebellious teenager, the coastal cities are the parents, and the “bad boy” is our current president, Donald Trump.

A significant amount of people who voted for Trump did not vote for him because they looked into his laughably vague “policies” and liked what they saw; they voted for him out of spite after they saw their party mocked and ridiculed by the liberal media, late-night pundits and coastal elites for more than a year during the campaign.

Attacking and ridiculing another team’s champion does not make said team reconsider their leader; it causes the team to become more and more entrenched in their opinion that their leader is righteous.

After election night, when it was clear that Donald Trump had won the electoral college fair and square, it was clear the phrase “any publicity is good publicity” was correct.

The media’s unfaltering and negative coverage of Donald Trump was clearly not a hindrance this past year; it is how he got elected.

Several months passed. Trump was inaugurated, and the media should have learned its lesson. Millions of Americans wanted to rebel against the media and the perceived elites, so the natural thing to do would be to not exclusively cover Trump in a negative light, right?

Surely the liberal media would not make the mistake of the parents forbidding their daughter to see their bad-boy boyfriend again?


Amnesia hit the media within weeks, and they went back to mercilessly attacking Trump, oftentimes fairly and with good reason, and other times with nothing to back up their accusations, making themselves look like villains and Donald Trump a victim in the process.

(Remember when multiple outlets demanded Trump’s impeachment/resignation when he re-tweeted a video of himself taking down CNN in the wrestling ring? Laughably absurd.)

It seems like every time the red states reconsider their choice when Trump does something genuinely awful (e.g., pardoning Joe Arepio, backing out of the climate accord, etc.) the liberal media goes too far in attacking something relatively harmless.

This was especially true during the first few months, when everything annoying Trump did was seemingly grounds for impeachment.

Some media outlets have learned, and now not all coverage of Trump is bad. “The New York Times” is a good example of a media outlet aware of the role they played in getting Trump elected. They are as likely to denounce Trump as they are to point out an upcoming opportunity for his administration.

Other outlets, however, are little better than their right-wing counterparts. CNN is the most glaring example of an outlet that has become more left-wing and less intelligent after election night, their clickbait titles becoming indistinguishable from those on Fox News.

If parents don’t want their daughter to see her boyfriend anymore, they need to back off their criticism and let her see his flaws all on her own.

It might take some time, but have faith. The worst thing you can possibly do is yell about his flaws right to your daughter’s face.