Student Spotlight: Gary Aubert makes music to vibe to

Anjanae Crump, Editor-in-Chief

Gary Aubert is a senior majoring in journalism who makes more than good grades – good music is what he strives to create in his free time. Aubert sat down for an interview with Driftwood to share his creative process.


AC – Anjanae Crump, Driftwood editor-in-chief

GA – Gary Aubert, musician


AC: What inspired you to start making music, and how long have you been creating?

GA: I’ve wanted to make music since I was little. I would always rap and sing my favorite songs, but I didn’t actually start writing my own music until I was like 19. I honestly can’t tell you why I’ve waited so long, but I’m glad that I finally started because it’s fun, it’s a stress reliever, and it feels good to create.


AC: What are the sources of inspiration for your music?

GA: The biggest inspirations for my music are probably Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams and definitely the great Michael Jackson. These guys all inspire me in some way, maybe because they’re free spirited. But I’m honestly inspired by everyday life, and any good music that I stumble upon.


AC:  How would you describe or categorize the type of music you make?

GA: The type of music I make is hip-hop and R&B, but another genre that I’m a huge fan of is pop music, which I can see myself creating one day. I just want to make music that everybody can relate to and vibe out to.


AC: What do you hope people get from listening to your music?

GA: In my music I basically express my true emotions, and I want people to know that it’s totally okay to do that. Especially for other people that make music, I think it’s best to be yourself because you might actually create something great. Besides that, I want my music to be comforting to people and to be able to uplift someone if they’re going through tough times.


AC: How far do you plan to take this craft? Are you going it alone or with a team?

GA: I plan to take my music as far as I can. The first two songs that I’ve released online have been getting excellent reviews, which humbles me and motivates me to keep grinding. I want to be globally famous for my music one day, and I just need the right support. I am also a part of a label named Aloof Music Group, who definitely provides a great amount of love, support and resources that I need to make my dream come true.


AC: What are some difficulties you face related to music?

GA: Sometimes when making music, I may end up in a state where I’m not able to write at all. There are some times when nothing comes to mind and I lack inspiration, which is also when I back away from it and let myself breathe because I never want to force anything. This is my craft, and I have to be gentle with it, because it represents who I am.


AC: What’s a project or single you’ve created that you’re really proud of? Why?

GA: I’m super proud of all of the songs I’ve made so far, but my first song, which is called “Cupid’s Ricochet,” is the one that I’m most proud of, not only because of the feedback I’ve gotten for it, but because after writing this song, I realized my talent, and that I can take it further. My second song, “Bayou,” which I released about a week ago, shows the progress that I’ve made since I wrote my first song, and it’s so R&B. I can literally listen to it all day, not because I made it, but it’s just super wavy.


AC:  How can students contact you or where can they find your music?

GA: My music can be found @Oberry on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Play. I also have a music video for “Cupid’s Ricochet” on YouTube!