Trump’s tweets a cause for concern worldwide

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One of the best and worst things about the current President of the United States is the way he chooses to air his unfiltered opinions on Twitter.

While the social media platform is arguably one of the best ways for Trump to let people know what’s on his mind, most of his publicity results from news channels who understandably blow his tweets out of proportion. If there is one thing we can count on with Trump, it is probably the consistency with which he sticks to being unpredictable.

Some of his most provoking tweets, such as those about banning transgender people from serving in the military or his thoughts on there being “many sides” to blame for the tragedy in Charlottesville, showcase his sentiments most blatantly and least filtered – something which he ought not do as the leader of a country.

Maybe if we treated his tweets as just his opinions – and not that of a President, there wouldn’t be as much of an uproar about them as there currently is. The more one thinks about Trump’s response to North Korean missile strike threats, the more severe it seems. Homeland security aside, it is essentially the threat of a nuclear war that has Americans’ blood running cold.

His unchecked usage of social media seems to be working in his favor, no matter how unprofessional, as he is now one of the most-followed and influential world leaders.

Determined to stop him, former CIA officer, Valerie Wilson, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise $1 billion dollars for the sole purpose of buying Twitter in order to delete his account.

Will Trump ever stop using Twitter as a platform for updating the world with his radical opinions? Probably not.

But can this behavior make a bad situation worse? Not if people take it for what it is – immature and unprofessional, with no real value. This, however, stands in contradiction with what happened to Amazon stock prices right after the Trump tweet, “Amazon is doing great damage to tax-paying retailers. Towns, cities, and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt – many jobs being lost.” Stock prices plummeted as much as 1% in the markets with just that one blow.

Now, if this is the kind of effect an individual man’s ruminations can have on an unrelated sector of the world economy, then there is an immediate need for us to start analyzing our own ideas and beliefs.

While there are people who believe he must never be given control over his own Twitter handle and is a living meme, others are of the opinion that he is one of the most entertaining things on the web, regardless of his tweets’ incendiary nature.

We are of the same opinion as that of New York Post – “Stop. Just stop.”

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Trump’s tweets a cause for concern worldwide