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Student Spotlight: Crystal Suggs the social media naturalista

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Senior Crystal Suggs is a civil engineering major at UNO – but outside the classroom, she is a popular YouTuber and a rising Instagram star. She runs the natural hair page @curliecrys and the YouTube channel of the same name. She posts photos and video tutorials showing how to style and maintain natural hair. This week, Suggs sat down for an interview with Driftwood.

AC – Anjanae Crump, editor-in-chief of Driftwood

CS – Crystal Suggs, Instagrammer and YouTuber behind @curliecrys


AC: What was your purpose for starting these social media pages?

CS: I started it because people always asked me, “How do you do your hair?” They’d say that it’s very pretty and ask what products I use. So I was talking to my friends and decided I wanted to make a page … and do a Youtube channel too, so that not only am I telling them what I use, but they can see step-by-step how I do my hair. So [my purpose was] just to help people out more, because a lot of people with natural hair want to do it, but they don’t really know how to maintain or style it.


AC: Do you see it growing into something more later on?

CS: Of course; I want to keep on growing the size of my page, because right now I get a lot of emails about partnerships and people wanting to send me products to review … so that’s kind of the direction I want it to go in. As I grow larger and larger, I’ll have a larger fan base and a larger base of people I can keep helping because my main purpose was to help people with their natural hair.


AC: Who or what, if anything, inspires you?

CS: My friends [inspire me]. I have a lot of natural[-haired] friends. I [also] love @mini_marley and @naptural85. Just watching those two and others is kind of how I saw that I wanted to do this. They help a lot of people and I see how positive and helpful their videos and tips are to people who are natural and how much they really appreciate it.


AC: Have you received positive feedback?

CS: On my Youtube channel, I actually have a video with 200,000 views, so I’m really excited about that, but on that video, of course, there’s a lot of people who benefit. I get comments daily saying things like, “Oh my god, you’re so helpful. I love this.” It’s very rewarding whenever I get a positive comment from someone who says “I really appreciate that you did this,” or “This really helped me.” I’ve had people tag me in pictures on Instagram saying stuff like, “I tried what @curliecrys did and it worked wonders.” It just makes me feel good.


AC: What about any negative feedback?

CS: I have negative feedback as well. A lot of times people feel like you don’t say the full truth because you may be getting paid or sponsored for something. Even though it worked on my hair and I’m telling the truth, they don’t always feel like that’s the truth because it might not work for them. But overall, it’s positive feedback because the natural hair community is really a big community … interested in the same goals. There’s so many people that are thankful for bloggers and people that are actually putting themselves out there.


AC: What’s your biggest natural hair tip?

CS: Regular trims and deep condition! Those two basically coincide with each other because you deep condition so that your hair can continue to grow and be moisturized … and that comes from deep conditioning a lot of the time. But if you don’t [deep condition], it can break off and you’re going to have split ends. You need a regular trim about 3 times every year. Not a cut, just a trim so that your ends are not split or have any kind of damage. Your hair grows from your scalp; however, if the ends are breaking, it’s never going to look longer, it’s going to look the same.


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Student Spotlight: Crystal Suggs the social media naturalista