Letter from the editor

New year, new mission


Anjanae Crump, Editor-in-Chief

I hope you all have had a great summer and are just as happy about Driftwood returning as I am about being the new editor-in-chief. I am also excited to share the changes that will be implemented in the newspaper this year.

One of my main goals is to get more involved in the campus community and ultimately become a more integral part of the university as a whole. I would like to form closer relationships with students and their organizations as well faculty and staff.

The newspaper is here to represent everyone at the university and we can only do that by getting to know and support each other. I plan to cover more campus events and get more of your opinions and voices on the things that concern you. One of the ways I plan to implement this is by featuring a different student every week who’s doing something noteworthy that others may find interesting. This week, junior Crystal Suggs is featured with her Youtube channel and Instagram page focused on natural hair.

Another plan is to put together a calendar of events that students are doing around the city or campus in effort to help promote our pupils and their pursuits. However, in order to execute these plans, I will need your participation. I am opening the lines of communication and invite all students to contact me at [email protected] or via our website at unodriftwood.com and share the things you’re doing and would like to see in print.

This extends to story ideas and other elements as well. If there is something you want to say, it is something we want to hear. If there is something you want to know, it is something we want to investigate.

I am looking forward to learning more about you all and the University and covering more of the topics that are of interest and importance to this community. College is the place where lasting connections are made and whether personally, socially, or academically, Driftwood wants to help foster and document this exciting journey of discovery.

And as always, we are constantly looking for interested writers of all backgrounds to join our team and help further our mission.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Driftwood every Wednesday from any one of the various blue stands around campus and feel free to leave comments on the articles online which are posted by Wednesday night. I look forward to better serving you all this year!