Jamba Juice arrival provides more dining options


Hope Brusstar, Copy Editor

The latest of four Jamba Juice locations in Louisiana has now been established on UNO’s campus and is ready to provide “Real Fruit Smoothies Ready to Order” to campus-goers.

Currently, the new Jamba Juice site resides in the area between the front desk and the racquetball courts at UNO’s Recreational Center. It can only be accessed via an alternate entrance to the building, meaning those already inside the gym will have to exit. Despite this, Recreational Center employee Austen Weaver said that she is “probably gonna go pretty often.”


However, while sipping on her “Mango-a-Go-Go” drink, she admitted that she “prefers Smoothie King because Jamba Juice is too sweet.” Nonetheless, with over 750 locations in the United States, Jamba Juice proves it is able to stay in the competition.

Aside from smoothies, the location also offers bottled drinks, salads, sandwiches, fruit cups, and made-to-order sushi. The Sushi Company has teamed up with UNO Dining Services to provide a selection of Asian-inspired cuisine, including sushi burritos and poke bowls.

In addition to creating a new space for sipping and munching, Jamba Juice has also provided a few new jobs for Aramark employees at UNO. Shelia Graves, the Jamba Juice supervisor, said she is pleased to serve the new customers and satisfy their curiosity. She confirms that the smoothies contain “all natural fruit and no preservatives or artificial flavors.”


During the grand opening event on Wednesday, Aug. 16, Graves was present to deliver free, freshly-blended samples and take part in the giveaways. “There were lots of people at the grand opening,” she said.


Only time can reveal how Jamba Juice will fare on UNO’s campus, but for now provides another option for students looking to disembarrass themselves of the heat.