International Tennis Player Asset to UNO

Angelle Cleneay, Social Media Manger

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Nicolas Kramer, an international student at the University of New Orleans, has played tennis since he was seven years old after his father introduced him to the sport. Kramer fell in love with the game after moving to Germany at 17 and ending his professional skiing career.

Kramer journeyed to New Orleans after being recruited by Coach Kanga after the coach saw a YouTube recruiting video Kramer uploaded in his senior year.


He was highly ranked in Germany and was “impressed by [the] opportunity” of being able to play college tennis and obtain an undergraduate degree. After evaluating his options at other universities but decided that “in the end UNO seemed to be the best choice.” He is currently a double major in finance and accounting in the College of Business.

Kramer said he loves tennis because of its individuality. “You can always work on something it never gets boring. I was pretty good at it [so it made] competing in [the sport] fun.”


Kramer said he enjoys team sports but he really appreciates the fact that tennis allows you to be liable for your own faults. Kramer’s joking but loving way of explaining his love for tennis is, “I love to eat and when you play tennis you burn a lot of calories so you can eat a lot”.

“It’s just a nice sport and enjoy waiting it as well, it takes talent, it takes dedication, it takes everything,” said Kramer.


A match that stands out to Kramer is last year when UNO played and won against University of Texas at Rio Grande where Kramer was responsible for clinching the match.


Kramer has been responsible for clenching many team matches but this match is important to him because, “they were a really good university so it was a really big win for us … I always hope there are moments where I can clench for our team”.

Kramer has decided going professional after playing in college isn’t his plan and that school is most important for him. “I enjoy the opportunity to play and finance my schooling as well as being in the states, but being a professional player is no longer my dream.”


“I love the weather and the food of the south, but most importantly the open-mindedness and friendliness of the people of New Orleans.”


He plans on finishing his undergraduate degree, pursuing his career and possibly furthering his studies with a masters in the states. Kramer has a promising career here in New Orleans and wishes to have a great two years here as he finishes his degree and his tennis career.


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International Tennis Player Asset to UNO