Friends of the Library to host massive book sale April 4 and 5

Christopher Walker, Editor - in - Chief

The University of New Orleans’ Friends of the Library will conduct its semesterly Books and Brownies sale on Tuesday, April 4 and Wednesday, April 5 on the fourth floor of the Earl K. Long Library.

The sale will feature several hundred CDs, vinyl records, and used books of various genres. Past sales have also traditionally sold brownies outside of the library in conjunction with the sale, for any bookworm with a sweet tooth.


“The books we sell are all donated,” said Friends of the Library President Mary Hoge. “How we get them varies on a case to case basis. Sometimes faculty and staff will leave or pass away.”

Hoge said, “We raise the money to support the library. They can use it for professional development, supplies, equipment, whatever they need. Sometimes it’s for routine costs of staying open, and other times it’s for a special project.”


Friends of the Library recently raised $10,000 for a server with one of their book sales. Hoge said, “They have the Supreme Court records of Louisiana here, dating back to 1813. The library needed a dedicated server for worldwide access to that material, and the money we raised was enough to cover it.”


Along with the book sale, the library will sponsor various raffles with gift cards donated from well over a dozen companies, including Amazon, Atomic Burger, Chateau Cafe, Commander’s Palace and Perlis clothing store.


“Every now and then, an elderly person will pass away, and their family will want to clean out the house, and they donate their books to us. We have had some very, very nice donations come to us that way.”

Over the year, between the two book sales held each semester, Friends of the Library plans to raise around $12,000.


Hoge said she anticipates the upcoming sale to be larger than those held in previous semesters, due to the fact that last semester’s book sale was truncated due to incomplete renovations.

“We do a lot of publicity, and we want as many people to come as possible. We market both within campus and with the marketing department of UNO. We get a pretty good turnout, but we’re always looking for more.”