UNO Greek system celebrates unity with Greek week

Christopher Walker, Editor - in - Chief

From March 20-24, the University of New Orleans’ Greek system participated in its annual Greek Week, a five-day-long event that teamed up different chapters on campus.


The goal of Greek Week is to encourage mingling among fraternities and sororities outside of more traditional planned mixers and socials.  

“It was a lot of fun,” said Jeremiah Joseph, a member of the winning team consisting of Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Theta Xi fraternity. “My favorite event of the week was the relay race we participated in on Monday. That was a lot of fun. We had to carry eggs back-and-forth across the quad, and it got pretty heated and intense.”


This year’s superheroes theme involved capes, villains and comics. Every day brought a different competition: relay racing on Monday, a lip-synching competition on Tuesday, trivia night on Wednesday, an alumni social on Thursday, and on Friday, the winners were announced.


“I feel like the events of this week brought the Greek system, as a whole, together,” said Ariana Longoria of Sigma Kappa. “Of course it was competitive, and things got heated, but at the end of the day, we’re all Greeks, and we want what’s best for all of us.


Joseph said his second-favorite event of the week was “watching my brothers go on stage in hula skirts and sing a song from the Hawaiian-themed Disney movie, ‘Moana.’”

After the event was over, Joseph said he felt closer to the girls on his winning team.


Longoria said, “That’s what Greek Week is about: putting our heads down and competing savagely with each other, and then as soon as it’s over, laugh it off and go about our day.”