Feminists must unite and conquer, not divide and be defeated

Driftwood Editorial Staff

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One of the great divides between feminists is whether or not they are for abortion or anti-abortion. The solution shouldn’t be to say which decision is right or which is wrong, but rather to defend the basis of what feminism stands for.


Feminism is defined as the policy, practice or advocacy of political, economic and social equality for women. One of the key components of equality is a woman’s right to make her own decisions, especially in the third-wave feminist world.


For a large portion of American history, women were told what to do and had their choices made by men, hence the need for the rise of a movement advocating for equal rights. Today, however, many women who call themselves feminists are trying to tell other women what do with their bodies.


A statement on Feministsforlife.org said, “Pro-life feminists demand that society support the unique life-giving capacity of women, so that no woman feels driven to abortion. Women deserve better.”


Just because a woman has the capacity to do something does not mean she should be forced to do it, and when anti-abortion movements take the stance of disowning and shaming women who have abortions (for whatever reasons they may have) they divide the cause and deprive women of their right to choose.


When your purpose is to stand up for the rights of women, you must support all rights, not only those that fit a specific agenda or personal belief system. This is feminism, not moralism.


Being in favor of access to abortion means believing all choices should remain available, which directly supports the freedom of women, the core of feminism.  Even if a feminist who is for abortion isn’t enthusiastic about abortion, they make the conscious choice to put their personal feelings aside in order to support women’s right to choose.


With an issue so controversial, no entire group of people will ever share the same opinions. But reasonable adults must simply agree to disagree and continue to coexist.
Every feminist is in the same ring, fighting the same fight, and just because the feminist next to you throws their punches differently doesn’t mean you should turn your back and let them be defeated. You’ll cause a loss for your own team, and women can no longer afford to lose.

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One Response to “Feminists must unite and conquer, not divide and be defeated”

  1. Jenny Dangerfield on March 27th, 2017 4:29 am

    Just a series of useless points that literally leads to more nonsense! Who writes this obnoxious rubbish? I’m a pro-choice woman, but I still find many feminists to be extremely obnoxious, even seething. And I’m right to turn my back on all sorts of people, especially when they are being obnoxious and terrible, like the writer of this article!


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Feminists must unite and conquer, not divide and be defeated