UNO alumni band Druidian Pink releases debut EP

Lones Gagnard, Contributor

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UNO alums Brandon Meyer and Jeff Ledet have just released their first EP “Pink Aliens” under the moniker Druidian Pink.

Lead guitarist and singer Brandon Meyer, drummer Jeff Ledet and bassist Eric Sie make up the band formerly known as Druids. The band wanted a name that stood out, and the “Pink Aliens” album cover is inhabited by a smiling neon pink alien standing in front of a dripping technicolor rainbow.

“Pink Aliens” is a psychedelic punk nightmare of sorts, complete with heavy chugging guitar riffs and head-banging drum beats. For Druidian Pink, the instruments always take center stage with chanting lyrics occupying the background of tracks, serving as another layer of instrumentation. The album grooves and moves, often going off on band jam sessions such as in the song “Endless Maze”.

Druidian Pink melds several subgenres of rock and metal together to make a sound that is all their own. Pulling inspirations from bands such as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ty Segall, Black Sabbath, Thee Oh Sees and Wand, their sound has become an amalgam of modern day psychedelic rock and the deep riffing power chords of rock legends past while still keeping a sound all their own. “People tell me we sound like ‘Thee Oh Sees’ or ‘King Gizzard’ which makes me happy because I love those bands, but I don’t really want to sound like a carbon copy, I like creativity and individualism,” said Meyer.

“Pink Aliens” is free-flowing pedal to the metal punk power which allows Druidian Pink to experiment with their song structures at live shows; “‘Cult of the Pink Aliens,’ ‘Black Magic,’ and ‘The Hex’ all have sections where we go off on tangents and improvise,” said Meyer. The ever changing rhythms are rooted in the studio versions of each track with most of the songs having a wall of noise constantly churning in the background, allowing band members to have a consistent sound to derive from.

“I think the album’s first listen never latches on very well, I think it takes multiple listens and you’ll find yourself humming ‘Black Magic’; I find the best music does that though,” said Meyer.

On repeated listens, Druidian Pink’s tempo changes really start to jump out at you as you begin bouncing to the rhythmic thrashing. Meyer’s lyrics, focusing on themes of anxiety and time, begin to step to the foreground of the band’s violent instrumentals.

As listeners traverse this six song EP, they will find themselves absorbed into the middle of crashing cymbals and fuzzy guitar tones, exactly the place Druidian Pink wants them to be.

For fans of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard rhythm sections, mixed with a garage rock guitar sound, and with Ty Segall-esque vocals sprinkled on top, Druidian Pink’s next show will be at Siberia on Tuesday March 21; take a chance and see if there is a place for you inside the cult of the Pink Aliens.

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UNO alumni band Druidian Pink releases debut EP