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Lorde returns with cathartic single “Green Light”

Matthew Ramos, Contributor

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Lorde’s first single dropped this month, off of the artist’s highly anticipated upcoming album. Titled “Green Light,” it highlights the feelings of a breakup in a different light.

Lorde is the stage name for Ella Yelich-O’Connor, a 20-year-old New Zealand native. After her highly praised first single “Royals” was released in 2013, the world has been desperate for more. Her first album, “Pure Heroine,” answered the prayers of many by fulfilling that craving.

However, many fans have felt Lorde has dropped off the face of the Earth these past four years. She gave hints and clues along the way about her next project, but they weren’t enough to answer any questions. Lorde’s marketing techniques are highly calculated, giving the world just enough to remember who she was.

Lorde’s sophomore album, “Melodrama,” doesn’t have a release date, but her first single is all fans need for the time being. With her upcoming SNL appearance and Jazz Fest performance scheduled for later this year, it seems that “Melodrama” is set to release very soon, in a set of calculated PR moves.

“Green Light” is described by Lorde as being the moment someone wants to get over a breakup and forget the things they can’t seem to shut out. The chorus rings, “I’ll come get my things but I can’t let go” – a true anthem to anyone who has experienced heartbreak.

The song is suspenseful throughout, and the bridge is divinely executed. The music is somewhat different than that of “Pure Heroine,” having more of a house sound. The piano falls in and out, supplying just enough groove to keep the melody going.

Lorde’s vocals express more honesty than she’s displayed in her music before. There’s much less theatrics to her voice; it’s stripped down. This works perfectly for the feeling of dancing your thoughts away after a breakup.

Lorde’s vocals are not the best, she doesn’t have precise pitch;  however, the impact of the chorus hits like a wave anyway.

“Green Light” is one of the better songs to be released recently. The song is a definite break from the similarity of songs recently hitting radio waves, and it suggests so many possibilities for Lorde’s second album.

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Lorde returns with cathartic single “Green Light”