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Matthew Ramos, Contributor

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New Orleans has grown into a hub of multicultural lifestyles. Veganism, in particular, has been a lifestyle that has grown exponentially recently. To respond to this change, Seed, a vegan- and eco-friendly restaurant opened a few years ago “to grow a fresh and sustainable dining experience grounded in New Orleans taste,” according to their website.


The restaurant also has an inspiring and sustainable way of operating. Seed offers recycled menus, compost, and solar-panel energy. Seed also donates to local animal rights causes, such as Project Orangutan and the Humane Society of Louisiana. It is a true hippie’s resort.


I was taken here first by my co-vegan friend and admired everything about the environment. It’s a small room with windows all around. It’s very open and didn’t look as if the restaurant was trying too hard to look a certain way, which was refreshing.


The serving staff was the nicest group of people who loved seeing people come in – whether vegan or not – to try their food. It was very casual. No one wore uniforms or name tags, which is sometimes preferred against the surrounding corporate life. The menu is large, considering everything is made in-house and from scratch using natural ingredients.


There are appetizers, desserts, soups and salads, and many entrees to choose from. I liked how I didn’t have to question what was in everything or give the waiter or waitress a hard time with an interview about content of the restaurant’s food.


I also enjoyed the myriad of options. If I wasn’t in the mood for something, I didn’t have to settle. The food is truly delicious, and every part is flavorful and not cardboard. There is an assumption that a vegan restaurant would serve cooked tree-bark with fresh grass. However, the food is actually somewhat exotic and not something people eat every day.


The ingredients taste fresh, and the combination of some of them is eye-opening. They make queso out of cashews. The restaurant does a phenomenal job at making raw food taste similar to other foods. This welcomes all people to eat at Seed – not just vegans. All the food is complex and filling but pricey.


It may be more expensive than one is willing to spend, but the food is definitely worth it.

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The Seed of New Orleans