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Flaming Lips Release New Album Oczy Mlody

Lones J. Gagnard, Contributor

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The Flaming Lips have recently released their fourteenth studio album, “Oczy Mlody” (which means “eyes of the young” in Polish), and as strange as using a Polish translation as an album title is, the music gets even stranger.


When the Flaming Lips began work on this album, it is worth noting that their collaboration with the Miley Cyrus crew was in full effect with Cyrus actually being featured on the album ending track “We a Famly,” and it seems “Oczy Mlody” is catered to Cyrus rather than an entire generation of fans.


Taking a step toward the trend of fully studio produced and generated music, “Oczy Mlody” hardly contains any physical instrumentation and has an ambient, trance-like feel all the way through.


While this transition may send the band’s following scoffing in the other direction, it isn’t necessarily the worst corner-genre for the Lips to turn. The album is not officially called a concept album, but it undeniably has a continuous laid-back psychedelic feel throughout.


The album is a slow-burn with subtle melodies revealing themselves after repeated listens. The track, “One Night While Hunting Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill,” stands out from the rest because of its success in blending Coyne’s fantastical lyrics with an infectious driving techno line. It stands in sharp contrast with the song it fades into, “Do Glowy,” which lyrics simply state over and over again, “glowy, glowy, glow, let’s get together yeah.”


All of “Oczy Mlody” feels as if it is trying to be the next great acid-pop album that all of the kids are going to get dosed to bringing in the new throngs of Flaming Lips fans. Unfortunately, all it does is try to be more than it is with immature lyrics and background filling synths. It is possible that Coyne, with his childlike lyrics, forgot the Flaming Lips have been putting out quality records since the late 80s and most of their diehard fans are fully grown adults.


“Oczy Mlody” presents itself as some sort of a midlife crisis for the band, reaching out to a younger generation asking them to come together, but ultimately falls short due to them simply being out of touch due to the age gap. The music is not bad by all means and has a few solid tracks scattered throughout, but after listening to it in full anyone can tell they were trying to send a message and potentially start a rallying cry with this record.


Whether the Flaming Lips accomplished what they set out to do with their latest album, the album is decent bordering on average.


In songs such as “The Castle” and “One Night While Hunting Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill,” there is a sense of the band the Flaming Lips have always been: brave innovators prepared, not only to keep up with the pack, but to take steps forward and in different directions. Unfortunately for fans, during tracks like “Galaxy I Sink” and “Listening to the Frogs with Demon Eyes,” it must be asked: What were they thinking?


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Flaming Lips Release New Album Oczy Mlody