Boy Scouts of America welcome transgender boys to their ranks

Christopher Walker, Editor - in - Chief

On Jan. 31, the Boy Scouts of America officially acknowledged their organization would, effective immediately, allow transgender boys into their ranks. The Boy Scouts of America will now accept registration into their scouting programs based on the gender identity provided on the application.


University of New Orleans student and Eagle Scout Brandon Miller said, “I’m really happy they made this decision. I think this will help bring scouting to more young men and help transgender boys find a place they really fit in.”

Clarke Drake, a 31-year-old member of the law enforcement who was involved with the scouts from eight years old until he was 14, said he was proud of his organization. “I was happy the scouts were timely on this, considering how late to the game they were with allowing openly gay troop leaders.”

Drake had a gay scout leader when he was a young man, and he said it always troubled him that his leader could never openly come out and admit it. “[His sexuality] never bothered me or my fellow scouts; he wasn’t a pedophile or a creep. He was just a guy who enjoyed his scouting experience in his youth and he wanted to help out young guys looking for the same experience.”

Drake said, “I have nothing against letting these transgender boys into the scouts and no one should be against it. Scouts teaches you to be a good person; you’re going to learn so many important things when you’re a scout: survival skills, training skills, personality skills, knowledge of humanitarian efforts, helping wildlife and learning about conservation.”


The official video announcing the decision said, “The Boy Scouts of America and others have recently been challenged by a very complex topic involving gender identity. For more than 100 years, [schools, clubs and sporting organizations] deferred to the information on an individual’s birth certificate to determine eligibility for and participation in many programs.”
The video continued, “We realize referring to one’s birth certificate as the reference point is no longer sufficient.”