America’s political system was tested with Trump’s Muslim ban


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This past week the nation was witness to a prime example of the American political system’s structure, a shining example our founding fathers’ wisdom.

A federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s recent ban on Muslim immigrants from countries considered to pose a terrorist threat, allowing travel once again.

Many Americans were surprised a relatively low-positioned federal judge had the power to halt an executive order from the commander-in-chief, but it is a responsibility that comes with the position.

One thing should be noted: this is not a bug in our system. This is exactly how it should work, with checks and balances.

Those who oppose Trump should still sleep relatively easily the next few years because our political system was designed to prevent one man from obtaining complete and total power, even with both houses of Congress behind him.

Those on the right were placated several times during the Obama administration when federal judges occasionally stopped executive orders. Most notably, a judge ruled that allowing sanctuary to children of illegal immigrants was unconstitutional.

Our nation did not become the definitive world power by accident. The political system put in place hundreds of years ago, refined over time, is endowed with a certain kind of genius.

As a people, we can become caught up in the hype and hysteria of the media and the deafening noise coming from both sides of the aisle.

When Obama was elected, the political right nearly had a catastrophic meltdown. They thought America had just elected the next Stalin, a communist, mad for power, who would stop at nothing until we had given the government every last dime we earned.

As it turns out, our political system stopped Obama from doing much of what he wanted.

Now that Trump is in charge, the left is having a similar meltdown, and they are convinced Trump will be able to do whatever he wants since he has both houses of Congress on his side.

America will be fine; our system will continue to protect us like it has these past three hundred years and for many more to come.

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America’s political system was tested with Trump’s Muslim ban