I Sea Stars in You

I Sea Stars in You

Emily Orfanides, Contributor

The ocean below whispers to me that I am whole

As I bow to fate and dive head first into her waves. 

While I have searched the stars to attain my soul,

I have only ever found myself there in your grace. 

The music fades in and out of my memory 

As I forget to remember the words left unspoken.

Your notes have turned me into a delicate melody 

And it is only your song that leaves me unbroken. 

When inevitability crashes and I am compelled to swim,

It is my words that will stay there inside of you.

Through them you will hold of me what exists within,

For when touch expires we will always be united in truth. 

The currents will drown us and take our blood

But our light will transcend if we die in love.