Seekers of truth

Emily Orfanides, Contributor

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Dark skies and black holes, 

a once cold and lonely place.
No light to see the expanse,
no feeling known of grace.

I felt the pull of the Earth 

ground me to its core.
I’m still floating in space
but I’ve lost sight of a shore.

This body once a walking corpse,

my soul lost in lack of nourishment.
My machine, merely a vessel to be filled, 

I saw no path to enlightenment.

Now I’m looking out but looking down. 

All covered in stars and dirt, 

I see luminous skies from the world I am bound 

At once with sight of the minuscule Earth.

On opposite sides of this hemisphere

we can see the same light. 

For a brief moment, together in our alone,
We feel the slight immensity of life. 

Gentle in our motions and patient like the Moon,

we are what we are searching for 

and we coalesce as seekers of Truth.