Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for president


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Hillary Clinton is, objectively, the most qualified presidential candidate in history. The bizarre notion that the country should be run like a business or by someone outside of the political establishment is a misguided and dangerous belief.

The country should be run by a politician – a good one. There is no greater, more decorated American politician alive than Hillary Clinton. She has had one of the most successful political careers in American history: She was first lady of Arkansas, then First Lady of the United States, then a New York senator, and lastly, Secretary of State. In her roles as First Lady, she was extremely politically active, even engineering a plan for universal healthcare, though it was rejected by Congress.

More than any other candidate in history, Clinton will know exactly what to do when she first walks into the oval office. Clinton has seen, firsthand, how the presidency works. There will be no period of time learning the ropes; she has a deep, fundamental understanding of our government and its politics.

Obama was a fantastic leader, a man with a true vision for the future of our country. But for six years of his presidency, he was held back by a Republican senate and house who spent their time blocking anything and everything they possibly could. A six-year stalemate is unacceptable.

On Nov. 8, Democrats have a serious chance of taking back the senate, and the presidency is virtually a guaranteed win for them. A senate majority that matches its presidency would be a serious change for this country.

Before this election started, Hillary Clinton was one of the most respected politicians in the public’s eye. Throughout this campaign, her reputation has been torn to pieces. Some of it has been fair criticism, but most of it has either been grossly exaggerated or downright conspiracy-theory based (Benghazi).

Hillary Clinton has always had, in her heart, the best interests of those she represents. When their beliefs changed, so did Clinton’s. That’s the entire point of democracy: representation.

Right now, Clinton represents the progressives of America. The next sitting president’s legacy may very well be defined by their Supreme Court appointments. Clinton will, without question, put progressives in; justices whose verdicts will go down on the right side of history.

The way the polls are looking, it’s almost a certainty that Clinton will be our next president. The Reagan years are slowly becoming a forgotten pastime, replaced by the legacies of the Clinton and Obama administrations. Here at Driftwood, we are genuinely excited. We’re with her.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for president”

  1. pop seal on December 19th, 2016 9:38 pm

    Now that Mr. Trump has been elected, it must be restated that our UNO Student Union has up and running a safe space for troubled cup cakes , snowflakes, and fruit cakes. Professors are not admitted as we deem them part of the problem faced by the youngsters. They lied and knew they were lying when they slandered parents and the country those parent so sacrificed to build. That’s the way it was when I attended LSUNO graduating in 1972.
    Back to the safe space on the second floor of the Student Union. Two handle sippy cups full of strawberry milk, Xanax single packs, comfy blankets, and groups sessions will be available to attendees. The group sessions are reserved for those in PTSD because they heard the word “No” for the first time. A history lesson taught by real professors (not UNO faculty snobs) will cover the genius of the nation’s founders and the institution of the electoral college concept.

  2. pop seal on March 14th, 2017 6:41 am

    For those that want to become part of a world community wherein the United States surrenders its sovereignty to professional bureaucrats at the United Nations, then the wretched Shakespearean crone HRC is your gal. Already heavily under the influence of foreign entities above the interests of U.S. citizens, she’d be perfect to facilitate that betrayal.
    At 72 years of age, I’ve never seen such criminal behaviors demonstrated so openly by the nations elected officials and their appointees. The lot apparently believes they are so superior to we the deplorable masses, we should be happy they tolerate our existence with them.
    Enter President King Kong! As long as Mr. Trump keeps trashing the D.C. corrupt and colluded status quo, the happy gorilla is fine with me.

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Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice for president