A conversation with Bernie fans who now support Trump

Christopher Walker, Editor-in-Chief

The 2016 primary season may very well be remembered as the year of the outsider. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump caused national unrest on both sides of the political spectrum, with the former putting up a far more prolonged fight than many believed possible, and the latter going on to secure the nomination of the Republican party.

Although at first glance they appear to be two polar opposite candidates, some Bernie supporters have switched allegiance over to Donald Trump. Many find the switch baffling, as the two candidate’s policies could not be more opposite.

“Bernie was something different, and Trump is something different. The current political establishment has let us down,” said an anonymous UNO student.

Although most citizens that supported Bernie in the primaries have gone on to either back third party candidates or Hillary Clinton, some Bernie supporters flocked to Trump after Bernie’s loss.

Many see these two candidates’ popularity as two sides of the same coin. Both sets of their supporters are largely white, middle and lower class, and fed up with the establishment they don’t believe has their best interests at heart.

“That entire email leak of the DNC, where it was proved that Bernie was plotted against by the establishment: that proved the Democratic establishment doesn’t care what their voters want, they want to push their agenda,” said the same anonymous student.

“I don’t like Hillary. From the time she was elected as a senator up to this point I’m not sure if there’s been anything she’s been consistent on. She voted to invade Iraq, and now she acts like she is big on isolationism” said another anonymous student.

The students chose to remain anonymous, citing concerns that their liberal friends and fellow Bernie supporters would ostracize them over their political allegiance shift.

“Bernie stood for something, he hasn’t changed sides on any issue. Trump also stands for something, for better or worse. I would rather vote for a strong leader than someone who’s political beliefs don’t come from a genuine place, but from wanting to gain as many votes as possible.”

Bernie supporters turned Trump advocates share a common political belief: a candidate’s political stances don’t make them a good president. Consistency and a knowledge of the outside world does.

“Bernie has been a career politician, but not on a national scale until recently. He was an average guy. What I like most about Trump is that fact that he’s collected a check outside of the political system. Hillary doesn’t understand the average person; she is an extremely successful career politician.”

Although Bernie Sanders’ policies are objectively far more in line with Hillary’s, and he has vowed support to the Democratic nominee, some of his supporters are still firmly in the Trump camp.

“I’m not saying either are good, they’re both idiots. What Bernie stood for, a political revolution, is embodied best in Donald Trump.”