Gun safety ordinance is illogical

Grant Campbell

Mindy Jarrett, Copy Editor

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Mitch Landrieu’s recent Gun Safety Ordinance is one he’d love you to believe is a step toward progress. There’s no doubt he was attempting to spark an emotional response by announcing the ordinance at Bunny Friend Park, the same location of last year’s shooting that left 17 people wounded. The seed of his press conference is pure politics; it hits you right where it hurts, it makes you feel. Landrieu wanted an emotional response, not a logical one.

Because if you were to think logically about his Gun Safety Ordinance, you’d realize that it is illogical itself. Its three components do nothing new to combat potential violent offenders.

Rather than make a proactive effort at policing crime, the first part of the ordinance punishes the victims of stolen or lost firearms if they do not report the incident within 48 hours. Councilman Jason Williams said, “Because people are busy and move on with their lives, it’s not reported stolen.” This assertion is unlikely.

This portion of the ordinance might also be illegal. Preemption of state law specifically forbids local government from endorsing “any ordinance or regulation more restrictive than state law concerning in any way the sale, purchase, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, license, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition.”

Councilwoman Susan Guidry would disagree with this statement, though. “That’s not a greater restriction on the possession of a firearm because you no longer possess that firearm or own it at the time that this law goes into effect.”

By Guidry’s assertion, if the ordinance avoids preemption because the citizen no longer possesses or owns the firearm, then the citizen avoids the ordinance. The law is meaningless.

The second part of the ordinance extends firearm-free zones. Only law-abiding citizens uphold the rules defined within these zones, clearly a category that would-be violent offenders do not fall under.

The final portion of the ordinance simply repeats what state law has already established: those who carry concealed weapons improperly shall be punished. While this law teaches proper responsibility of firearm handling, it is redundant.

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Gun safety ordinance is illogical