Hillary: lesser of two evils

Grant Campbell

Leo Castell, Staff

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Hillary Clinton is commonly seen as the lesser of two evils, which means that she’s better than her opponent, but is still, ultimately, a bad candidate. Never forget that. You can vote for Hillary Clinton and feel good knowing that you voted for the only other candidate that’s better than Donald J. Trump. That’s fine, but don’t make excuses for her.

Hillary Clinton fans need to acknowledge every major mistake she’s ever made: voting for the Patriot Act, voting for the Iraq War and supporting fracking across the world. If Clinton sincerely apologized for all these past transgressions, she would still come out looking like a much-better, more-sane presidential candidate than Trump.

So why doesn’t she? Her campaign staff simply changes the subject whenever one of her many criticisms come up, and liberal media outlets like The Huffington Post gloss her flaws. Why is the Democratic nominee not crushing the least-liked presidential nominee in the history of American politics? It’s because she’s the second-to-last least-liked presidential nominee in the history of American politics.

Donald Trump is the only Republican nominee that Clinton polled better than in the primaries, and even then, not by as much as any of us would probably have wanted her to. Ideally, Democrats would want their candidate to mop the floor with someone like Trump; and while Clinton certainly hasn’t been losing, she’s been uncomfortably close.

Any other Democrat, such as Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, would consistently have a double-digit lead against Trump and would probably never slip below nine points in their worst poll.

I don’t like Clinton, but Trump actually scares me because he’s just the right balance of charismatic, moronic, and hateful. Trump makes me worry for my family of Spanish immigrants and my friends who are also minorities.

Hillary Clinton is probably going to be our next president, which means I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the big orange man won’t bankrupt our economy and start wars with countries we have no business starting wars with.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop holding Clinton’s feet to the fire, and you shouldn’t either. The Democratic establishment needs to learn that if they keep betraying the hearts of their base population the way they’ve been doing since her husband’s presidency, then eventually the next Trump will win because the base will be too jaded.

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Hillary: lesser of two evils