UNO alumnus Victor Arroyo cast in Big Brother’s 18th season

UNO alumnus Victor Arroyo cast in Big Brother's 18th season

Christopher Walker, Editor-in-Chief

“Big Brother”, the smash-hit reality television show, cast UNO alumnus Victor Arroyo for Season 18.

Although Arroyo did not end up winning the grand prize of $500,000 dollars, he won “America’s Favorite” title, chosen by the viewing public, along with a cash prize of $25,000 dollars.

Arroyo auditioned when the show came into town, and was picked to be one of the 16 contestants. Victor packed his bags and moved into the house along with his new roommates.

“I had a game strategy before I went in; I wanted to focus on winning the game competitions. I know I’m not a good liar, so my best bet would be to win competitions and be loyal to people. Only thing is, the backstabbing in the game is just viscous. I always want to think the best of people, but that attitude will hurt you in the game.”

Victor credits winning his title of “America’s’ Favorite” to his two evictions.

“Once I got evicted that first time and came back I thought, ‘I was evicted once, I’m on borrowed time anyway, now I can enjoy myself.’ That’s when I started loosening up, and I think that’s when America started liking me.”

Although Victor has not watched the season yet, he believes that he was portrayed fairly in the show.

“I think the producers can try to edit the footage of the houseguests to make one person look bad or another look good, but they can’t perform miracles. They’re using real footage, it’s not made up. The argument can go both ways, maybe they can push the needle a little bit on a person’s personality, but generally what you see on television is what you get.”

Arroyo looks at his “Big Brother” experience as positive. “It was fun, and honestly if I did it again I would do it the exact same way. I absolutely gained real, long-term friendships from my time in the house.”

“My advice for someone that gets picked for Big Brother would be: playing the game, whatever happens in the Big Brother house, it’s just to win. Don’t take it personally when you leave the house, everybody’s trying to play for half a million dollars. If you take it personally, you won’t gain any friends from the experience. They don’t hate you as a person, they’re just trying to get the money.”

Arroyo, a finance major, wants to use the money he won from playing to go on a vacation with his family. “I don’t want to crazy or blow it on stupid stuff.”

Arroyo remember his time at UNO fondly. “ I love New Orleans and I love UNO. It’s a small school, but it’s like a big family where everyone knows everyone.”

Does Victory plan on continuing his reality television career? “If the opportunity presents itself, I figure why not? It’s fun.”