Living a healthy lifestyle as a college student isn’t easy


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Getting through college isn’t easy. Ask any college student who has been in school for more than a year, and he or she can probably tell you a crazy story regarding some heroic, academic demonstration of willpower – some tall tale that proves just how far our bodies can be pushed.

Maybe you’ll hear of a three-day-in-a-row all-nighter; or how a student memorized an entire textbook a week before the exam; or someone who studied for 36 straight hours on nothing but water and coffee.

For a young adult trying to get a degree, the most important thing in life is schoolwork. Personal health takes a back seat.

The two do not, however, have to be mutually exclusive. Living healthy makes academic life easier. Adequate sleep and good nutrition ensure high energy levels, making the ability to focus that much easier.

Students who sacrifice their bodies for their schoolwork are doing themselves a disservice.

Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation is equivalent to intoxication. How many students think that studying while drunk is an effective way to absorb information? Virtually none – most would consider it a waste of time.

So, why is it that studying with little-to-no sleep has become a go-to method?

If you’re tired and you have already gone over your textbook and notes dozens of times, and you feel that the information is not really sinking in, chances are that you’ll be better served by taking a nap and looking at the notes when you wake up.

Same goes for nutrition: your body functions well on real food, not on caffeine and candy bars. It’s hard to study when your body is going through constant energy peaks and valleys. A steady level of energy and focus is  immensely helpful for studies.
Your mind functions best when your body gets what it needs. Students who care about their bodies will find their minds and grades greatly improved.

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Living a healthy lifestyle as a college student isn’t easy