UNO-Innsbruck: go for the classes, stay for the culture

UNO-Innsbruck: go for the classes, stay for the culture

Anjanae Crump, Managing Editor

The UNO-Innsbruck Academic Year Abroad program is one of the most popular programs within the study abroad service. It takes place in the scenic Austrian Alps and can be scheduled for just a semester or the entire school year.

“I was attracted to the Innsbruck program because it offered many business classes, since I am an Accounting major, and also because it is the heart of Europe. I expected to love traveling to the countries surrounding Austria, but I loved staying in Innsbruck the most,” said Tina Huynh, a junior in Accounting.

“I chose the Innsbruck program because I had already started to learn German, wanted to study abroad, and had been spending time with numerous Austrian students with them living nearby in the Privateer Place apartments. With this multitude of reasons it really just fell into place,” said Dillon Whitehead, a recent Interdisciplinary Studies graduate from UNO.

Though these students were initially attracted to the program for different reasons, once they embarked on the journey, they shared similar experiences.

“It was an experience that really brought different ideas and concepts to light that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. There are so many wonderful things to learn about not only local Austrian culture, but also the cultures of the other exchange students you’re bound to meet,” said Whitehead.

“It definitely changed my life,” said Amanda McGilvray, who now holds a Master in Public Administration from UNO.

“The amount of time that I was able to spend in Innsbruck with the price of the program was definitely a worthy investment. It really was a once in a lifetime chance to invest in such a life-changing experience while working towards my education. I was also able to receive an Ambassador award and SGA award that helped with the cost,” said Huynh.

Whitehead and McGilvray loved Austria so much that they are currently still living there!

To sign up for the program, McGilvray said, “ask, ask, ask. The Academic Year Abroad Program and the Division of International Education have some of the best staff members at the University of New Orleans. Meet with Dr. Ziegler, Mrs. Martinez or even the student workers! They all know Innsbruck well and will sit down with you as many times as you need to figure out how you can accomplish something like this. Whether it’s translating a document or figuring financial aid, they are there to help and love to do it. Don’t give up, be stubborn and ask for help every step along the way!”
“Neither words nor dollar signs can put a value on this investment. It is the best decision I’ve ever made, and it was only possible by being a UNO student.”